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Conquering Bulimia


The only intensive, private, self-paced online course led by Certified Eating Disorder Coaches with expert interviews and personal bulimia recovery stories.


Before I tell you all about this program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

Conquering Bulimia is for high-achieving, independent, privacy-valuing women like you. You have tried to recover in various ways, you may feel you have made progress, but you’re not quite where you want to be in your recovery journey. You know full recovery is possible, and you’re ready to try something new.

Whether you’re…

  • Someone who’s been in recovery for a while, made progress but feels stuck in their journey. You’re looking for a new spark of motivation. You believe in the power of trying something new, and know that a self-paced, private, online course could be a game changer.
  • Someone who has support, but has never had support from two women who have YEARS of lived experience with bulimia and still achieved full recovery. You understand how comforting it can be to simply know someone else gets it. Someone who has engaged in the same behaviors and felt the same shame and isolation, and will still encourage you to keep going.
  • Someone who has been through therapy or worked with a dietitian, but has never been through a course that is JUST for people with bulimia. You are used to hearing about eating disorders generically, maybe you’ve heard a podcast episode on bulimia here or there, but you’ve never been involved in an in-depth bulimia-recovery program or course.

You’re in the right place!

Conquering Bulimia will give you the strategies, coping skills, and support needed to conquer bulimia once and for all.

By the end of this course, you will have…


➝ said goodbye to myths surrounding bulimia & bulimia recovery once and for all


➝ taken a “Purge Pledge,” an online commitment to quit purging, jumpstarting this incredible decision you have made for yourself


➝ gained tools to strengthen your healthy self in order to fight back the ED self


➝ gained a wealth of coping strategies to sit with the urge to binge, purge, or restrict


➝ a better understanding of how breathwork & meditation can help regulate your nervous system and positively impact your recovery

Online Bulimia Recovery

You want to conquer bulimia…but there are major barriers standing in your way.




Imagine a day in a life fully recovered from bulimia
where you…


✓      Have true food freedom


✓      Feel at peace in your body


✓      Use coping skills to work through challenging emotions


✓  Have a deep understanding of your soul-self - who you are at your core


✓      Live a life FREE from eating disorder behaviors



"Sarah and Merrit are highly sought-after CCI Certified Eating Disorder Coaches who have teamed up to create a unique course that provides individuals with Bulimia successful strategies they have used to help their individual clients overcome this disorder.”-Carolyn Costin, MA, MEd., MFT, CEDS, FAED 


Conquering Bulimia



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This is the ONLY online course led by CCI Certified coaches with expert interviews and personal bulimia recovery stories.




We have recovered and now want to help you. Aways remember that results in recovery and specific timelines are difficult to define and are as unique as each individual that chooses this powerful path.

We honor this truth yet are passionate about pushing you forward. In our course, at minimum, your recovery will be jump-started in a fresh way, and you will be equipped with powerful knowledge and skills.

Our program will teach you proven strategies that helped us and a countless number of clients in our own private coaching practices so that you are empowered to break free from bulimia.

We have incorporated the best of our educational training, coaching certifications and professional and personal experiences into this course.

Feel free to email us directly with any questions at: [email protected]

If you are struggling with the binge-purge cycle, and no matter where you are in your bulimia recovery journey, this course is for you!


Watch this short video for an introduction to the course, Conquering Bulimia.


"It's so nice to find something that is just on Bulimia."

I’m into the 2nd week right now and enjoying every minute! The work I’ve been doing through your course has helped so much already! The way you both talk and explain things is so comforting and non-judgmental. I love that because so many people don’t understand ED. And I’m loving the coping skills you all have talked about and have definitely been doing those!! Plus, how you suggest writing things down! For me, it helps with accountability and also allows me to see my ED in a different light. I’m grateful! -E.T.

"You all are making me realize there are much bigger things in life that matter."

This course made me feel so heard. Sarah’s story about the first time she chose to throw up after counting Weight Watchers points and Merritt’s on how she struggled during the same timeframe I have, were so beyond inspiring and helpful. It gives me faith and encouragement to keep pushing for recovery. You all are making me realize there are much bigger things in life that matter, and this ED makes me a zombie. I am learning so much, too. The statistics are horrifying and sad. It also made me realize more how interwoven eating disorders are with our society. This is all so eye-opening and really has me thinking. This course is incredible. Thank you. -G.G.

The Course


Welcome Module

Coaching is an intimate working relationship that fosters trust, momentum, and recovery, focusing on changing thoughts and behaviors in the present and building a future you want – a future free from bulimia. We are driven to deliver that same value to you in this online course by being vulnerable about our own recoveries and sharing as much of ourselves as it may be helpful to you. You will hear our stories and get to know our real personalities. In addition, our job is to set you up for success in bulimia recovery and keep you motivated even when the journey gets tough.


Beginning Module

There are many myths about bulimia, and bulimia recovery, which cause significant shame. We are committed to telling the truth without judgment. Explaining the damage to the body and exploring the cycle of bulimia is critical, so that you have the knowledge to move forward and ammunition to strengthen your healthy self. We will also introduce to you the “Purge Pledge,” an online commitment to quit purging, jumpstarting this incredible decision you have made for yourself.


Your Mind Modules

In helping you conquer bulimia, we must start with your mind, as that is where the primary battle is fought. Over the three modules, we will dive deeply into topics, such as body image, the real issues, the thought-feeling-urge-action chain, overt and sabotaging behaviors, personality traits, what keeps you stuck and creating new healthy habits and brain pathways. In addition, the world-renowned eating disorder pioneer and warrior, Carolyn Costin, MFT, will join us to help teach all about your separate, adaptive, disordered self. She will explain how you can strengthen your “healthy self” or “soul self” in order to achieve true long-term bulimia recovery.


Your Body Modules

We want to help you heal your relationship with your body and reframe how you experience your physical presence. In our culture, we are swimming upstream, continually flooded with information, leaving many hopeless and confused about how they view their bodies, all while making bulimia recovery seem impossible. But, that isn't true! Over three modules, we will discuss the autonomic nervous system, uncover your food rules and fears, learn about conscious eating skills, explore how exercise plays a role in the eating disorder and learn how to practice self-care that truly works for you. Special expert Maggie Stenson, an outstanding Registered Dietitian, will share her knowledge about nutrition, how to listen to your unique body and offer strategies to help heal your gut from bulimia. Chelsey Charbeneau and Jenn Moulaison are the co-founders of Breathe Meditation and Wellness and will share how meditation and breathwork can help repair the mind-body-soul connection.


Your Heart Module

Your heart is where your emotions reside, relationships hold great significance, and personal history is framed. Conquering bulimia requires you to expand your capacity to feel all of your feelings, learn to express yourself in a healthy way, discover coping skills that genuinely work for you and be honest about your relationships. We are going to help you with all of this along your bulimia recovery journey. Lorri Lancashire, a highly sought-after licensed professional counselor, joins us to discuss healing past wounds and learning how to forgive others and yourself.


Your Spirit Module

Your spirit holds the keys to pursuing passion and purpose while embracing the essence of who you have been, who you are today, and whom you want to become. When this is your focus, conquering bulimia recovery can become an achievable pursuit. We will teach you why your space matters, how to practice non-attachment to your body and mind-shifting gratitude techniques.


Continue Conquering Bulimia Module

Our ultimate goal is to help you in your journey of conquering bulimia recovery, and we are confident that all the lessons, assignments, and tools in this course will be very beneficial. However, we have also included an entire module about the continuation of recovery, where we discuss strategies like visualization, building resilience, preparing for hurdles, living recovered in a diet-minded culture, leaning into a support system and even finding additional professional help, if needed.

And there is more!


Sarah's Bonus Module

“The day I decided to go into recovery was also the day I fell to my knees and cried out to God to please help me. I felt secretly broken and knew I could not do it alone. I gave my life to Christ at that moment, and an unexplainable peace came over me. In making this course, I wanted to create a bonus module to include a faith-based approach to recovery. I believe He is our ultimate Healer and Helper; in our weakness, He is strong.” -Sarah


Merrit's Bonus Module

"I felt called to have a bonus module on Conquering Bulimia that described how I repaired my skin, hair, and nail health after many years of struggling with bulimia. I experienced acne, hair loss, and brittle, dry nail beds. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed. The good news is that my hair, skin, and nails are in a healthy place now, and I want to share my tips with you!" - Merrit


Where you are now vs what life could look like after this course


  • experiencing a sense of hopelessness or isolation
  • engaging in eating disorder behaviors that no longer serve you
  • isolated without the comfort of on-demand support


  • a sense of newfound support and hope
  • a brighter vision for the future of full recovery
  • a toolkit of new coping skills and a mindfulness practice to stay present
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Meet CCI Certified Eating Disorder Coach,

Sarah Lee:


Certified Eating Disorder Coach (CCIEDC) Sarah Lee has been in practice since 2016, possessing four professional coaching certifications. She helps many people yet specializes in female adolescents and believers of the Christian faith. Before entering the mental health field, Sarah held various leadership positions in the banking-corporate world for over eighteen years. Immediately after leaving banking, she began working alongside her husband as CFO for his radio broadcasting company. She brings both her professional background and own lived recovery experience into her coaching practice.

While in her twenties, Sarah secretly struggled with Bulimia for almost seven years but, on the outside, presented to all as a high-functioning and successful individual in most aspects of her life. However, the physical damage began to catch up with her, and after a major medical scare, she went straight into recovery and found her freedom from Bulimia in 2006. After her mother passed away at just 61 years old in 2013 due to a variety of diagnoses and complications believed to have stemmed from her life-long battle with food and weight, Sarah soon felt a calling to gain the education needed to help other girls and women break free from disordered eating and find peace. She is passionate about helping each of her clients and willingly jumps all-in to each of their journeys. As a result, most who work with Sarah will say she is so much more than just a coach.

Personally, Sarah loves spending time with her family, specifically her husband, Don, son, Bruce, daughter-in-law, Madi, grandson, Lazarus, and her very spoiled Schnauzer, Oreo! She would have many furbabies if she could, and she even wanted to be a veterinarian when she was little, but helping others conquer Bulimia and other eating disorders is her chief priority, and that takes time. She loves experiencing the rustic serenity of nature yet also the elegance and pleasure of fine dining. Writing poetry also flows easily from her heart and mind.

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Meet CCI Certified Eating Disorder Coach,

Merrit Elizabeth:


Merrit Elizabeth is a Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach providing virtual recovery care to clients around the globe. After struggling with bulimia throughout high school and college, she finally embraced the power of subtle “shifts“ that eventually led to full recovery. Merrit now utilizes her lived experience to form trusting bonds with adolescent and young adult female clients ready to shift their mindset and nourish their bodies in order to find long-lasting recovery. 

As the co-creator of “Conquering Bulimia,” Merrit is passionate about eating disorder education and providing recovery care that empowers clients to continue living a full life on campus or at home. She is known for her unique coaching philosophy, which combines the principles of neuroscience and positive psychology with gentle mindfulness practices. By implementing gratitude and forgiveness, Merrit helps clients to dampen the guilt and shame of bulimia.

Merrit earned a Master of Science in Health Promotion Management degree from Southern Methodist University, where she earned multiple undergraduate degrees and was a member of the Robert S. Hyer Honor Society. Merrit trained directly under renowned eating disorder therapist Carolyn Costin before earning her eating disorder recovery coaching certification from the Carolyn Costin Institute.

Merrit is based in Dallas and enjoys visiting her family and beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in St. Louis, Missouri. As an avid traveler, she loves seeking out new restaurants. On weekends she can usually be found in her favorite local meditation and breathwork studio or with a matcha latte in hand.


Is this for me?



We understand! We were once in your shoes. As certified coaches, we specialize in the “how and now” of eating disorder recovery. We also realize your life is busy with responsibilities and commitments, so juggling another priority, such as recovery, can be overwhelming.

This is just one of the many reasons we are so passionate about providing you with an online course that can fit into any schedule. Our course has a ten-week layout yet is completely self-paced, so that you can go at your own speed. During your time with us, we will vulnerably share parts of our stories to inspire, guide, and empower you with knowledge you may have never heard before and offer you tools that can really work - all at a mere fraction of the cost of weekly, one-on-one coaching. Your time is now!


Are you ready for bulimia recovery? 


Each day that you choose bulimia, your body suffers. The time to choose recovery is NOW.

"I continue to fight - day in and out - and your course has finally offered me hope and connected the dots of all of my previous understanding."

I am SOOOO THANKFUL for this course!!!! Things are finally starting to click in my mind and I have felt the most empowered and supported in finally overcoming this eating disorder.  I have struggled with disordered eating since I was 8 years old. I reached out for help multiple times and was turned away for not being sick enough, or started on abundance of meds to “fix me”, couldn’t financially afford the level of care I needed at one point and then eventually signed myself into a PHP program to be discharged 6-months later since my insurance was no longer covering care and being told I would be in and out of treatment centers the rest of my life — I have run the gauntlet and overcome to the best of my ability.

I’ve been told I shouldn’t be alive, and yet I am here, and I know I have a greater purpose to fulfill in this life. I continue to fight - day in and out - and your course has finally offered me the hope and connected the dots of all of my previous understanding. I have a choice - and I pledged to not purge on 9/18. This brought the realization that by not purging I was already no longer bulimic!! Yay! 27 years later - I am still here and fighting. Slow and steady progress but still forward movement is being made. Thank you for your course, for your story and for giving me a new spark of renewed hope in full recovery one day. -M.M.

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How much does Conquering Bulimia cost?   

One of our goals was to make this valuable bulimia recovery resource affordable!

Our course is significantly discounted by over 60% compared to one-on-one coaching. You will receive: 55 lessons, 16 assignments, and 6 bonus lessons.


Say YES!

Most Flexibility


2 monthly payments


Most Savings


1 time payment


Why YOU deserve full recovery from bulimia…

1.5% of women will have bulimia in their lifetime. That means that you are not alone. But if that statistic is true…how come you feel so alone? Why don’t we talk about bulimia and destigmatize it?

After struggling with bulimia firsthand, we know how ashamed and isolated you must feel. We remember thinking “there is no way anyone else’s brain thinks like mine,” and “there is no way full recovery is possible for me.” But…

Those were eating disorder thoughts. Those weren’t authentic thoughts from our inner healthy self.

No matter who you are, we believe you have the power to recover. We believe you have a beautiful, happy, peaceful life ahead of you. And most of all, we believe you are capable of great things.

Conquering Bulimia was created to give you another perspective on recovery, to show you that not only is full recovery possible, but the route there doesn’t have too be filled with self-doubt and isolation. We’re here for you.


Want to know who makes it to full recovery?

It’s not always the people with the most money. The people who can afford the most treatment. The people who have endured the least trauma. The people who have the most support. The people that achieve full recovery are the people that can believe it’s possible, even if they can’t quite visualize it yet. They are the people who don’t give up. They are the people who say, I don’t care how old I am, what I’ve been through, how long I have been struggling, I can and will achieve full recovery one day. We guarantee this course will change the way you think about recovery.

We can’t wait to watch your beliefs change.

With Hope,

Sarah and Merrit

Commonly Asked Questions


This course is an educational, self-improvement program, created by two experienced CCI Certified Eating Disorder Coaches and is not intended to replace medical treatment, therapy, or dietetic guidance. You should not rely solely on information provided by this course as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Stop allowing bulimia to call the shots. It’s time to live the life of freedom and peace you deserve.