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Sarah Shares: Immensely Thankful for Bulimia Recovery

Nov 22, 2023

Through this blog, I hope to share the profound lessons learned on my journey to inspire others along their path of recovery, embracing gratitude along the way. 


Thanksgiving Reflections

As I pen down these thoughts on the eve of Thanksgiving, a day synonymous with gratitude and reflection, I'm reminded of the profound significance this journey holds in my life. Thanksgiving, a day traditionally dedicated to counting our blessings, seems a perfect occasion to share the transformative lessons I learned through bulimia recovery. Just as the act of giving thanks allows us to acknowledge the blessings in our lives, my recovery journey has been a testament to the immeasurable gifts of self-discovery, resilience, and growth; moreover, how God can use our brokenness and trails for good even turning the healing into our passion and purpose.

As we come together to celebrate Thanksgiving and express our gratitude, let's open our hearts to the resilience that lies within through Him, the courage discovered in vulnerability and the significance of love. All which are intricately woven into the fabric of recovery. May these reflections serve as a source of inspiration for those navigating their unique paths toward healing and self-acceptance.


The Quest for Control

My desire and impulse to RESTRICT was a manifestation of the deep-seated desire for control and a longing to feel good about myself. However, as I navigated the road to recovery, I learned a valuable lesson – the art of letting go and letting God. Through surrendering to Jesus Christ and acknowledging the intangible gifts given to me, I discovered a sense of freedom that extended beyond the visible and measurable aspects of this world.


From Wanting More to Finding Abundance

BINGE-EATING was my response to an unrelenting need for more. Remarkably, the recovery journey opened up my life in ways of which I had never dreamed. In the abundance that followed, my heart found fulfillment and satisfaction that food never could. The insatiable hunger for excess gave way to a newfound appreciation for the richness that life had to offer.


Purging Judgments for Ultimate Freedom

A longing to make things better, correct perceived wrongs, and PURGE discomfort, required me to really dig deeper in my recovery. I realized that my urge to purge was begging me to look at other areas in my life that needed to go. The journey wasn't just about freeing myself from destructive habits but also about releasing thoughts such as harsh judgments. By seeking out and purging elements in my life that hindered freedom and peace, I found a profound sense of freedom.


Beyond the Scale

My obsession with how I felt in my body, the NUMBER on the scale, and comparisons to perceived perfection, masked a deeper yearning. In truth, it was a quest to feel at home and okay with how God made me to be. The recovery journey helped me shift my primary focus from external validations to embracing the divine plan that shaped my identity.


Embracing gratitude in bulimia recovery was a transformative journey that took me from the shackles of control to the freedom of surrender; from the hunger for more to the realization of abundance; from purging discomfort to purging judgments for ultimate peace. It was a process that led me to find peace and acceptance in the very essence of who I am. 


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Author: Sarah Lee 

Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, CCIEDC 

Fully recovered from Bulimia since 2006 

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